Sparkle Up Your Biz

3 individual coaching sessions to Re-ignite your spark, Refresh your Marketing Strategy and Attract Aligned Clients.

Is this you?

You’ve done the ground work to build the foundations of your business, but things aren’t quite going as you imagined they would.

You feel blocked and you’ve lost the joy and excitement you had when you started this business adventure.

If only you had more aligned clients and more revenue, things would already feel different.

But you’re confused about what to prioritize and where to put your attention first. 

And when you finally make up a plan, your fears wake up and make it very hard for you to follow through.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

And you don’t need to become a different person to build a successful and fulfilling business.

If you’re ready to take a different approach to business that will take all of you into consideration so you can finally feel adequate and empowered, Sparkle Up your Biz is the 1:1 coaching package for you.

Sparkle Up Your Biz : The Process

The 1:1 Coaching Package that gets you unstuck and leaping into aligned actions that feel good + bring long lasting results!



Together, we go over your biz foundations and pin-point what’s working and what needs to change.

Notice how your conditionings have kept you from being fulfilled & authentic +  learn to use your Human Design Strategy & Authority for deeper alignment.



Clarify & Align

Reconnect to your authenticity and playfulness, step into your power + give a clear and bold direction to your business.

Depending on your specific needs, this can include narrowing down your niche, redefining your offers / creating a new one, honing your message & communication style.



Create a magnetic marketing strategy that centers around your needs + desires.

Together, we will design your roadmap to attract aligned clients and convert them into faithful clients.


Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle - Holistic Business Coach for Online Teachers

My Coaching Style

It’s normal to feel stuck when we lack clarity on what are the best next aligned steps for us. And this is without mentioning the overwhelming fears and self-doubt that rob you of your energy and creativity.

My mission is to empower you to embody the business woman within you with the tools that are adequate to your specific sensitivities.

This is why I’m primarily a coach, meaning that I guide you to find your own answers using your own wisdom and knowledge.

I also act as a consultant, giving you advice and direction based on my business expertise and experience.

The Superpowers I bring to the table

#1 – I hold space for you with empathy and compassion and place myself as the co-creator of your success.

#2 – I tell you which of your amazing ideas are worth pursuing.

#3 – I bring clarity and simplicity to your situations + I help you make a clear step-by-step roadmap of your next actions.

#4 – I help you raise above your perceived limitations and work around your circumstances – so that you reach your goals no matter what.

#5 – I re-connect you to your sense of self-worth, your life mission & your own power.

With a gentle guiding hand, I witness and empower you to take action.




Jessica helped me come out of a spiral in which I didn’t know where to start and what to prioritize. She’s the right person for you if you need to be softly but surely guided. Her in-session prompts are valuable in helping you do the self-reflection work, especially if you feel as if your mind is cluttered. These sessions can go a long way, because she’s good at what she does.” – Tahiana Bohan – Manifestor – The Prof d’Anglais

” Jessica’s strength is that she always tells you what has to be told and not what you want to hear, but in a nice way. She’s supportive, and she knows what questions to ask. She’s generous and tells you from her own experience so you can see she’s human – even if at some point you’ll think she truly has got superpowers for the energy she spreads! If you’re considering working with Jessica, just do it. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and your biz, and you’ll end up empowered, and ready to spread your own passion and joy.” – Giulia Borelli – Generator – Italian Time Zone

When starting a business, we may think that it’s just enough to follow a roadmap, but actually I find even more valuable the mindset work which came up during our sessions. Roadmaps work only if you learn to self-regulate yourself and quit self-sabotaging. We had a very flexible collaboration which helped me to gain self-confidence, clarity and patience towards myself and my business. Now I define myself as a coach and entrepreneur. Before I didn’t have courage to say it and my project felt more like a pleasant hobby. I take ownership of my progress and know that I have the power, but also responsibility, to work towards my goals” – Maris Pähn – Generator – Life Coach for Moms

Before the coaching with Jessica I was scared to be myself! I was confused, I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to do and where exactly wanted to go. I was still attached to my old job and I didn’t want to leave it. Jessica gave me the tools, guided me in a smart and wise way. Now I can see what I want to do in my business, what I want to become, what I want to offer. I feel free. I discovered parts of myself that I didn’t know and I am getting exactly where I wanted to be for years.  Jessica listened to me deeply, she understood me, inspired me and gave me concrete steps to put into action. If you’re considering working with her, I’ll ask: what are you waiting for?” – Barbara Rocci – Projector – Time to Be



Possibility of 2 or 3 installments.

What’s Included in the Package?

    •  3 Online Coaching Sessions 1:1 of 90 minutes each, spread out over 6 weeks (intensive) or 12 weeks (slow-paced).
    • Coaching notes in a shared Google Doc with a plan for action + reflective prompts to explore.
    • Support through text & voice chat in between our sessions.