Are you a female coach, a teacher, a healer who’s looking for effective, juicy and aligned ways to develop your online biz? Stop right there, you’re at the right place!

The Aligned & Thriving Show is your weekly dose of inspiration with powerful tips and insights to support you on your business journey and make sure it is and stays… aligned and thriving!

In this first-ever episode of the Aligned and Thriving show, find out more about who I am, what brought me here and what I do exactly: my magic powers and tools + how they can help you, support you and inspire you on your entrepreneurship journey.

Show notes:

  • Building my online business has been the most transforming, incredible self-development accelerator
  • Money Mindset is the biggest topic that I had to deal with, like most people in the service industry.
  • How I followed my guts and my heart to become a coach for women entrepreneurs
  • Why I work with women exclusively, and how I empower them
  • Human Design : differentiating the way we do business.
  • Breaking the rules and the should’s of marketing.

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