money love

Heal your relationship with money. Heal your relationship with your self.


Are you fed up with the recurring anxiety and stress around money?

Do you wish you could be confident in your prices & feel empowered when thinking about your bank account?

If money has been a source of stress and anxiety for you, let me tell you, you’re not alone!

Most people have an unhealthy relationship to money, and as a consequence they’re either constantly struggling to make ends meet, they can’t seem to save enough money to feel safe or they never allow themselves to spend any money for pleasure.

The problem is that when you try to address this issue, you get all sorts of advice that is completely unhelpful.

Because you can’t cure the symptom without understanding and healing the cause.

And more often than not, the cause is not just a question of having better habits or a better understanding of how to budget.

These are important, of course. But not sufficient…

Transformations always start inside.

What you need first is to learn to uncover your money stories.

Bring awareness to your beliefs and your values, to understand where you’ve suffered from lack in your past – lack of time, of attention, of love, of safety – so you can nurture your way back into abundance.

Become your most empowered self, ready to provide youself and your family with the safety and comfort you deserve.

Give yourself the freedom to choose, to say yes to your desires and contribute with your generosity in a way that feels vibrant.

money love coaching program

money love

The group program for teachers that reframes your mind & heart to create the abundant life you desire.

  • Forget stress, anxiety and guilt. 
  • Become your most empowered self around money
  • Learn how to create the financial safety you deserve.
  • Rewrite your money story and finally open your path to abundance and freedom.

Chapter 1 – Setting goals and a vision: self-concept, values and algined dreams  

Chapter 2 – Making peace with money : cleaning and healing your money stories

Chapter 3 – Ready to receive: managing your numbers

Chapter 4 – Nurturing the self: develop your self-confidence and selt-esteem

Chapter 5 – Working with feminine energy : pleasure, desire, creation, sacral work, leaning in the yin  

Chapter 6 – Working with masculine energy: conditionings, power, action, asking your price, empowered in the yang.

Chapter 7 – Human Design for abundance: learn to navigate your type, authority, your G center and heart center.

Chapter 8 – Creating wealth and serving from abundance

Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle - Holistic Business Coach for Online Teachers

Meet your Coach

Hi! I’m Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle & I’m a holistic business coach for online teachers & coaches.

I blend strategic business guidance, intuitive coaching, human design & self-inquiry to create powerfully transformative coaching programs and experiences.

I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 2017, and when I started, I had nothing but a vision. I didn’t know anything about the business world. I learned a ton about strategy + marketing but the biggest takeway was definitely the way it’s propelled me to heal and grow.

Never had I imagined that I had signed up for the best self-developmnent program of my life!

And let’s be honest, the biggest blockages I’ve had were mostly around money: undercharging, overdelivering, comparing, feeling like an impostor, being afraid to invest, never making enough to finish the month comfortably…

Today I share with you the teachings I’ve learned and the tools that I’ve developed so you too can have your breakthrough.

Shift your Perspective to Abundance

This coaching experience is a journey within, and you’ll enjoy every step of the way.

Together, for 8 months, we go deep and slow. We explore the concepts, teachings and tools I created and adapted to help you de-condition yourself from scarcity mindset, free yourself from your past, and reframe what is blocking you from creating the abundant life that you want and deserve.

Because yes, you do deserve it. It is your birthright to be live in health, wellness, and ease.

Money is energy, and alone it doesn’t have any power. However, when it is used creatively to support beautiful people who are willing to bring a positive impact to the world, money becomes a beautiful tool.

It’s time you regained that creative power, so you can put money at the service of your life, at the service of your business and at the service of your vision for a better world.



payment plan available


The complete experience includes

8 Masterclasses + Live Q&A sessions

8 Introspective Journals

Access to all the replays, forever

Private Telegram group for sisterhood support: connect and share your experience.

Invitation to join future updated versions of the program.

It’s now your turn to decide if you want to let go of your past money stories so you can embrace a new you, empowered and ready for abundance.