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Human Design readings

What’s Human Design?

At a crossroad between modern Astrology, the Chinese I-Xing, the Hindu Chakra System, the Jewish Kabbalah and Quantum Physics: Human Design is one of the favorite tools I use for coaching.

I fell hard in love with the system in 2021, and it keeps on fascinating me and everyone around me.

Its power is very simple: in a world where confusion and chaos create overwhelm, Human Design shows you all the special ways that make you a unique and exceptional being.

It teaches you how to make aligned decisions. Not relying on what patriarchal logic tells you is “the right thing to do”, but reconnecting you to your deep feminine wisdom that is always available to guide you.

It shows you the way of taking ownership of your story and your shadows, so you can break through the victim position and emerge as your full empowered self-accepting self.

Human Design Coaching & Reading Package

Dive deep into your Human Design chart & Get guidance on how to use it to get unstuck.

3 sessions


Type, Authority & Strategy

Discover the gifts and struggles of your Human Design Type.

Learn how to harness your Authority Energy.

Understand how using your Strategy will help you bring flow and ease into your Business & Life.



Dive into the Centers

How do you operate and get the best of your natural talents? 

This second session is aimed at understanding what gifts you have constant access to, what brings you pressure, where conditionings may hold you back, and how to use your centers for inner wisdom as well as business alignment.



Channels & Gates

What did you come on this planet to express? What is your mission & purpose? What is your soul story? What motivates you? What do you need to heal and overcome? 

These questions get answered in this session through a close look at your defined Gates & Channels.




Possibility of 2 or 3 installments.

What’s Included in the Package?

    •  3 Online Reading & Coaching Sessions 1:1 of 90 minutes each, booked at your best convenience
    • Pdf Human Design Report to keep for future references.
Human Design

My Human Design Ebook – 95€

Prefer learning about your Design on your own?

Beautifully designed, clear and functional, My Human Design Ebook is 100% personalised for you.

Once you order it, I use your birth data to write your story and show you how you can navigate your Human Design, from theory to practice.

This book will teach you:

  • How to navigate your specific energy and learn to honor it despite conditionings.
  • How to make the most aligned decisions without following inadequate advice.
  • How to communicate best so that others get you.
  • What is your soul purpose and how it wants to be expressed in this lifetime.
  • How to honor your boundaries and protect yourself from energy leaks.
  • How to invite money and abundance in your life.
  • The parts of you that require healing and acceptance so you can be your most empowered self.
  • Your strengths and skills that are a gift to yourself and to the world.

Yes, that’s a lot of valuable and life-changing teachings.

When you buy My Human Design – The Story of your Soul Purpose, you get a companion that helps you explore your Human Design your own pace, time and time again.

Use the journaling prompts and the tools shared with you to heal, clean, reframe and reconnect to your power.

Meet yourself, and lead your life from a place of self-validation and self-worth.



Your questions answered

What can I expect once I buy this product?

You’ll get a confirmation via e-mail that your order is being processed.

I’ll start working on your book and you can expect to receive your finished product 15 working days (3 weeks) after purchase, via e-mail.

Does it come in the post?

No, this is a digital product. It will be created exclusively for you and will be sent to you digitally via e-mail and you’re then free to use it as you please. My personal plan is to have it printed and made into a workbook by a professional copy center as I use mine at least once a week 🙂

Can I get this as a gift for someone else?

Yes, absolutely! And you wouldn’t be the first one to do so, as several of my clients have gifted Human Design sessions to their friends or family members. All you need is the birth information of the person you want to make a gift to (date of birth, place of birth, and hour of birth.)

What if I don’t know what time I was born?

This is an important piece of information. You can either find your birth hour on your birth certificate, or you can ask a parent or relative who might know approximately (the tolerance window would be of 30 min – 2 hours).

If you don’t know at all, I hear that consulting a vedic astrologer can do the trick, but I’m not an expert. I wouldn’t recommend getting a full analysis without this information.

How big is it?

The book is about 85 pages in A4 format.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like it?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the high personalisation of this product and the amount of time it takes to be created, your order cannot be returned or refunded. Make sure you make an aligned decision before ordering 🙂



I got really interested in Human Design some time ago and wanted to find out more. I love personal development and was just keen to dive deeper into it. The sessions with Jessica were mind-blowing. There was so much alignment in the reading with what I’ve actually been experiencing. My biggest takeway was that sometimes my actions are not random, that they are because of how I was designed and the fact that I need an invitation as a projector was an eye-opener. I feel enlightened and really pleased I decided to have the reading. Go for it” – Ola Kowalska- Business Coach for Teachers

My eyes have been opened. It’s like a weight has been lifted, my eyes opened, and seen. I feel validated and that the way I have been doing life was right. I learned to trust myself and stop asking people for their guidance and to trust my own. I loved it so much! I would tell anyone lost that this would help them understand themselves more. ” – Nicola – Space in the City

Human design kept crossing my path and I felt this was the right time to explore what it had to offer- especially as I’m preparing for 2022. I want to make the most informed decisions that I can. The entire reading was a revelation! What stood out the most was that I’m not proactive and that I should react to things instead; which might be a bit of a challenge for me as I’ve spent most of my life “trying” to be proactive and being taught that reacting is a bad thing. I cried, of relief, of being validated, of seeing how many beautiful things are inside of me when I didn’t necessarily see them myself. I now think everyone should have a Human Design reading- the earlier in life the better. It saddens me when I think about how I’ve gone against my true aligned self due to conditioning. ” – Sannie Bernard – online teacher

I find that with human design I get a path, the true path. And I like it because many things resonated with me so much. My biggest revelation was to know that something I felt pressure about for me it’s real, not just in my mind. Also, the answer of “who am I” is not defined in my design. That’s why I could hardly answer to this question! Such a relief! It feels really liberating to know that something you’ve always felt, it’s real. If you were walking in a dark street, now you have a lamp which will help you to follow your path.” – Maria Rugo – online teacher @ Remember Italy