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I’m Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle, your host today. I’m a biz & alignment coach, and my mission is to empower women who have a dream… the dream to bring a positive impact to the world with their vision. 

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If there’s one common problem or pressure point that all businesses have, it must be finding clients and improving sales! 

Unless you’ve just recently put in place your customer journey or a sales funnel, you might want to have a look at every step of that customer journey and audit your business to identify what needs to be tweaked, improved, changed or ditched altogether.

In this podcast episode then, I’ll share with you a few questions that will help you identify what you could do to easily improve your sales. 

In this episode

  • Why you shouldn’t just spend time teaching people
  • The mistake that we all fall into – spoiler alert: it involves broccoli & pizza
  • Why you cannot do it alone
  • Getting comfortable speaking about your offer


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