Are you a female coach, a teacher, a healer who’s looking for effective, juicy and aligned ways to develop your online biz? 

Welcome to the Aligned and Thriving show.

I’m Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle, your host today. I’m a biz & alignment coach, and my mission is to empower women who have a dream… the dream to bring a positive impact to the world with their vision. 

Tune in with me every week and get helpful tools, powerful tips and insights to support you on your business journey. This podcast is your weekly dose of inspiration to keep your conscious business… Aligned and Thriving

True freedom comes when you find your way towards alignment and authenticity. Everything then becomes an intentional choice. Every decision you make is in tune with your values and the direction you want to give to your life. With the happiness that you envision for yourself. But how could you ever aspire to be aligned and authentic if you don’t know who you are? Human Design is one of my favorite tools for self-discovery and deeper alignment. 

In this episode

  • Alignment and Authenticity as an act of freedom
  • How women have been conditioned for centuries
  • Breaking free and committing to self-discovery and self-awareness
  • Starting with Human Design
  • Tapping into your Type & Authorities
  • Come to the Webinar “Human Design for your Business”