Are you a female coach, a teacher, a healer who’s looking for effective, juicy and aligned ways to develop your online biz? 

Welcome to the Aligned and Thriving show.

I’m Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle, your host today. I’m a biz & alignment coach, and my mission is to empower women who have a dream… the dream to bring a positive impact to the world with their vision. 

Tune in with me every week and get helpful tools, powerful tips and insights to support you on your business journey. This podcast is your weekly dose of inspiration to keep your conscious business… Aligned and Thriving.

Marketing, sales, promotion, momentum, urgency, strategy… are these words that make you somehow uncomfortable? I get it, and it used to be the same for me, until I learned that we have a choice. The choice to lead ethically and consciously.

Points discussed in this episode

  • What conscious people usually dislike from marketing and sales
  • Skills and offers aren’t enough
  • Branding is more than colors and fonts
  • How to lead a conscious business
  • Finding a balance and selling ethically