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What matters the most on a journey to building an online business? What do we learn when we do business in an authentic & aligned way? What changes can we bring to language teaching? In this episode, we go over Maria’s 10 years business journey as an online language teacher – how her business has grown and transformed along the way and her new program that teaches a new level of consciousness and emotional & social responsibility to teaching language. 

In this episode:

  • What is an embodied language coach
  • What it was like starting an online business 10 years ago when it was still new
  • The importance of having a community
  • Maria’s road to an authentic business
  • The place of self-development & healing in a business
  • What advice would Maria give to herself 10 years ago as she started her online business
  • Maria’s new program: ‘Language Teacher & Coach development, training & mentoring’ starting August 29th.