Holistic Business Coach for Teachers


I empower conscious language teachers and coaches to find their unique spark + create an aligned & thriving business, minus the overwhelm.

Find your Spark

Bring yourself back at the heart of your work and build a business that brings you joy + the freedom you desire.

Ethical Marketing

Develop conscious & effective marketing strategies so you can confidently speak about your amazing work.

inside out

Develop your inner strength, grow your self-esteem + bring light & compassion to the parts of you that prevent you from moving forward.

Human design

Explore your soul purpose, learn to harness your energy for deeper alignment and fulfilment.

Love from Clients

“Thanks to Jessica’s incredible coaching and guidance, I feel more empowered than ever, more confident in my abilities than ever, and I know I can do this.


Jessica’s holistic approach to biz coaching is truly unique and her ability to hold space for all of you is hugely impactful and supportive.


Biz coaching that takes into account your whole being body / mind / soul – your trauma – your sensitivities and specific needs AND your Human Design!!!!


It’s truly powerful and life changing.”


Julie Le Carrer – Women Empowerment, Intuitive Guide, Soul Artist, Healer

“Now I can say that I’m confident about my business. I can see my uniqueness and my values. I know where I’m going and what I want to achieve. I know I have to follow my intuition, what makes me vibrate, and so I’m ready to fail… and get back on track.

Jessica’s strength is that she’s honest and direct. She always tells you what has to be told and not what you want to hear, but in a nice way.

She’s supportive, and she knows what questions to ask. She’s generous and tells you from her own experience so you can see she’s human – even if at some point you’ll think she truly has got superpowers for the energy she spreads!

Giulia Borelli – Italian Time Zone

My Mission? Empower You BE MORE YOU.

Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle - Holistic Business Coach for Online Teachers

I’m Jessica Tefenkgi Ruelle, mom of 2, coach, mentor, and entrepreneur. I work with conscious teachers to help them build impactful and profitable businesses in an authentic way.

My mission is to help women raise above their perceived blockages and unhelpful patterns so they can finally express their full potential & become the empowered leaders they aspire to be.

In Human Design language, I’m a 5/1 Sacral Generator with the cross of limitation. I’m here to break the rules and bring my creativity and expertise to help you create your aligned and thriving business.

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